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Our mission


We at have made a commitment to the consumer when it comes to delivering a fast and reliable service. The fact that there are tons of medicine over the counter shops but not one provides information about the drugs that they sell is outrageous. For this reason, we have created our online store where you can get all your medicine and the information you require.

Our goal has always been to build trust with the consumer and to provide exactly what he wants in the shortest amount of time. We continuously update our website with new inventory and description so make sure to ask about specific medicine if you don’t see it as we might be getting it soon in stock.


Health info and services

We offer many services that hold your health in the highest regard. If you have any questions regarding your health status all you need to do is e-mail us and explain you’re diagnose from the doctor, and we can recommend tips and others useful information that can benefit you in your situation.

The more you give us your trust, the more we will strive to provide the best possible advice on all health issues. If you contact us over the phone, you can get advice in the shortest amount of time, over the e-mail be prepared that the answer can take anywhere from 1-5 business days. We expect to hear from you!

Online doctor

We have a certified doctor that is working with us on call for all issues our customers might have 24/7. If for any reason, you get held up in your house, and you can’t leave, but you would like the consult a doctor about some health issues or situations don’t hesitate to contact us. We will try to provide the best possible information that we can and if you require prescriptions that can also be arranged through our doctor and certain paperwork.

Shop product

We offer a wide range of goods that can be found in drug stores that sell medicine over the counter. Our stocks are always maintained to a certain standard so we never run out of medicine that can help other people. We have partnered with The Independent Pharmacy for delivery, for example if you suffer from genital warts Aldara may help. The availability of certain drugs depends on the rarity of the item, and we regularly update our stock so make sure to check with us often as we can often get new items over the week.

Additionally, we have prices that are on par with the over the counter prices and usually cheaper depending on the stock in our inventory. Call us or e-mail us to find out exactly what we have in stock and how you can check when we get new items.

Free delivery in the UK


All the pharmacy medicine you order from us are delivered to the whole UK for free. For special places such as islands and the top of the British Isles, we will only take a longer time to deliver due to the infrastructure and the ammount of times the local post office brings packages to the area.



Raymond Kelly 

This is an awesome online shop. In just mere minutes i could order what i needed from the comfort of my home without having to walk out during the freezing winter. Highly recommended.


Nicholas Murphy

The service this company provides is fantastic. I wish the shops were closer to my home but since they are not ill just continue buying my stuff over the internet. They deliver on their promise so ill recommend this company


Eric White

It’s astonishing that other companies don’t offer information about their drugs at the drug store. I found everything i need here and i would recommend this site to anyone.