2 types of urinary retention and why they are caused

Urinary retention is the condition where the body loses the ability to empty the urinary bladder completely. This leads to the retention of urine that can result in several infections and conditions that can cause damage to the person’s urinary system. It is a disease that can affect anyone at any point of time, but the risk is found to be more in men who are over the age of fifty. The person who is affected by the condition is usually not diagnosed until it develops into something serious such as urinary tract infection or urinary incontinence.

Due to the process of ageing, there is a chance for the enlargement of the prostate of a person; this has high chances of making it possible for the person to contract the condition. The condition is seen to be affected by women who are already under the condition called cystocele, which is a condition where the bladder seems to move out of its position or sag. The condition can come into existence due to Rectocele, which is the sagging of the lower part of the colon.

Types of urinary retention

Urinary retention can be categorized into two types. These are discussed below.

Acute urinary retention

This type of urinary retention causes severe pain and discomfort to the patient and affects them all of a sudden. The condition makes it not possible for the person to pass urine at all resulting in the requirement of immediate medical care. It is a life-threatening condition as the bladder becomes full and the person still cannot pass urine.

Chronic urinary retention

This is the condition that affects a person on a long term basis. The person can pass urine without much trouble in this case. But the issue lies at the part where they are not able to empty their bladder, and as a result, a certain amount of urine remains in the bladder which can later result in the cause of infections.

Both the urinary retention types, if left untreated for a long time would result in severe conditions that can turn fatal. So make sure to get immediate help if you find yourself in such conditions.

Causes of urinary retention

There are two main causes of urinary retention. These are obstructive and non-obstructive causes. Urinary retention is caused due to blockage by kidney or bladder stones results in the urine not flowing out of the bladder is called an obstructive cause. These are the kind of cause that usually results in acute urinary retention. It leads to life-threatening conditions, so immediate medical help is necessary. Some of its causes are tumors, enlarged prostate, kidney or bladder stone, constipation.

Urinary retention can be caused by nerve problems or weakening of the muscles in the bladder. The nerve issues would result in the improper communication between the bladder and the brain resulting in restraining a certain amount of urine. Some of the causes include nerve disease, stroke, vaginal childbirth, pelvic injury.

Go to the nearest hospital as soon as you find yourself to be affected by any of these conditions. Because of the critical nature of the condition, it is better to treat is sooner.